Special Recruitment Division

  • To deliver clear, efficient and effective support services to the Commission in matters concerning the recruitment of the Support Group 2 into the public service as well as selection of trainees for the para medical training and the appointment of the trainees to permanent post for the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Ministry of Defence.

  • To advertise for vacant posts in the Public Service and the Para Medical Training in the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  • To process and to register candidate’s application accordingly.
  • To select trainees for the Para-Medical Training and to handle appointment of employment upon successful training thereafter.
  • To manage appointment and recruitment matters of Support Group 2 into the public service.
  • We are responsible to deliver quality as well as fair and just service. We therefore pledge that:
    1. Para Medical Trainee candidates for the Ministry of Health Malaysia will be provided at least four (4) weeks before the training begins.
    2. Para Medical Trainees who have successfully completed their training will be appointed to permanent posts within four (4) weeks upon receiving final exam results from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
    3. Appoint successful candidates to Ministry / Department to fill vacancies within 12 weeks from the date of requisition for posts which do not require special exam and 24 weeks for posts which require special exam.
    4. Interview result will be informed to candidates within four (4) weeks after the final date of the interview.

  • Process and Offering Unit
    • Correspondence related to the Para Medical Training from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence.
    • Preparing the Primary Board Statement (PLP) for the enrollment of trainees or appointments.
    • Preparing candidate's quota for the Interview Boards.
    • Preparing the Secretary’s or Commission’s Issue Paper.
    • Notify interview results and appoint successful candidates.
  • Interview Unit
    • Reservation interview rooms.
    • Preparation of interview schedule and interview packages.
    • Preparation of interview call letter.
    • Appointment of interview panel (Wakil Jabatan).
  • CRRS Registration Unit
    • Preparing and broadcasting of advertisement.
    • Forwarding acknowledgement letters to applicants.
    • Updating candidate's information in the Computerised Data Bank.
    • Answering candidate’s enquiries on application status.