STPM Qualification

  • STPM Result Slip Format
    Please be informed that the Malaysian Examination Council has changed the slip format and grading system for the STPM examination. The new format of using Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is in line with the grading system implemented in the Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA).

    The new format of STPM result slip will display eleven (11) grades as compared to the exisiting seven (7). Comparison of STPM paper grades and subject grades between existing and new are as below:
    Paper Grades Subject Grades Paper Grades Subject Grades NGMP
    1 A A A 4.00
    2 A A- A- 3.67
    3 B B+ B+ 3.33
    4 C B B 3.00
    5 D B- B- 2.67
      D C+ C+ 2.33
    6 E C C 2.00
    7 R C- C- 1.67
    8 R D+ D+ 1.33
      R D D 1.00
    9 F F F 0.00

    For subject grades,
    • From Grade C to Grade A with values between 2.00 to 4.00 is considered as a full pass;
    • While grade D to grade C with values between 1:00 to 1.67 is considered as a partial pass, and
    • Grade F is valued at 0:00 and considered as a fail.

    Subjects grading are based on percentage weightage and marks given to each paper for the related subject.