Disciplinary Clinic Promotion and Disciplinary Division

  • Disciplinary Clinic is basically one of the Public Services Commission’s (PSC), Promotion and Disciplinary Division’s’ effort to share its knowledge and skills in handling/managing disciplinary actions.
    Ministries and Departments alike can also use such clinic as an avenue to get advice and consultation as well as a platform where ideas and information can be exchanged in relation to all aspects of disciplinary management.
    It is hoped that the advice and consultation provided through such clinic will be able to assist the relevant parties, particularly disciplinary officers/ secretariat towards efficient and effective disciplinary management
  • Consultants
    Disciplinary Clinic is conducted by officers from the PSC’s, Promotion and Disciplinary Division.
  • Services
    • To provide advice and consultation on matters pertaining disciplinary actions and disciplinary appeals.
    • To explain the necessary procedures involved in managing disciplinary cases and disciplinary appeals as well as the jurisdiction of the authorized party as regulated by the relevant Regulations.
    • To provide a guideline on documentations’ related to disciplinary actions, disciplinary appeals, report on disciplinary violations, charge letter as well as reports for disciplinary cases challenged in court.
    • To provide a general advice and guide pertaining to regulations on the codes of conduct, responsibilities as well as rights of officers imposed by disciplinary actions.
    • This Disciplinary Clinic is open to all officers including those facing disciplinary actions.
  • Consultation Hours
    Consultation and Disciplinary Clinic services can be obtained as follows:
    Appointments can be made to the following number (03)-8091 9000.
    Any specific advices or inquiries can be made in writing or emailed to the following email address: ePertanyaan